Saturday, July 25, 2009

Obama Remark About Professor's Arrest A Big Deal For Only One Reason

Let's stow the faux outrage:

Obama's remark about Harvard Professor Louis Gates' confrontation with a Cambridge, MA police officer is not a big deal because Obama apologized, etc.

It's significant because we still need to have a broad discussion about race in America, and electing Barack Obama President is just one step in a difficult and long-overdue process.

Obviously this is a long road, with missteps, and watching Obama deal with it the way he did is a sign that progress is being made.

End of story.


MAL said...

No need for a broad discussion. Racism exists. Racism is wrong, and you come correct with respect to ethnic minorties.

The days of asking for understanding from whites is over.

Rights or fuck you is the appropriate tenor of any rational discussion.

Jim said...

We are a free people and have the right to associate or not associate with anyone we please. I may not care for blacks and have little interest in whatever they do. That is my right. I also think they are a real drag on our economic progress and are disproportionately highly represented in percentages of welfare cases, prison inmates, and school drop outs. As a free citizen living in U.S., I have a right to think any thing I want to about race, religion, politics, and etc. There is more than one side to every issue, no one's thoughts are any more essential or righteous than those of another. The ability to discriminate between good and evil, right and wrong, black and white, or red and yellow, and what we like and don't like is what makes us human; pity those who can show no preferences.