Monday, July 20, 2009

Licensed Gun Owners Killed 7 Police Officers, 44 Civilians, Recent Study Shows

Licensing of gun owners doesn't necessarily protect other people, and the police, a study finds: 51 recent slayings, including seven killed police officers.


Publius said...

How many have died recently in commuter rail accidents?

Ron said...

Just for a comparison, How many were killed by unlicensed gunowners? By those illegally possessing guns??

James Rowen said...

To Publius: That's a non-sequiter.

To Ron: The study is point out facts not usually compiled.

jpk said...

Points to the need for additional restrictions on gun ownership, such as closing the gun show loophole, assault weapon bans, repealing concealed carry.

Not to mention would love to see DC v Heller overturned... the 2nd Amendment does not say that individuals have the right to bear/own firearms.

Local governments, especially big cities like DC and Milw, need the authority to regulate guns where gun violence is most prevalent.

Just say no to guns.