Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mark Belling, Master Of Contradiction

WISN 1130-AM rightie talker Mark Belling was weighing in on wind power Wednesday afternoon.

Down-playing its value as opposed to nuclear energy and fossil fuels, (no mention of conservation), opined Mark - - but then he got all aesthetical and artsy-fartsy with his audience, declaring wind turbines to be "brutally ugly as sin."

Really? I think they are majestic. Futuristic. Sleek.

And he poked fun at "lefties" whom Mark predicted would object if turbines were placed on Madison's "beautiful lakes."

All this from a guy who thought that the Potowatomi Casino should have been built on Milwaukee's lakefront.

I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though consistency gives pleasure, too.


Anonymous said...

We'll put a few dozen in Shorewood along the lake.

Anonymous said...

he could provide enough wind power to light up kaukauna.

Anonymous said...

How does Sen. Kennedy like the Windfarm off of his Lakefront property? Oh I forgot he was against it, because what is good for others is not good for me. Typical Democrat elitist.