Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lake Michigan Ferries Compete On Prices: Badger Announces Cleaner Coal

Something of a fare war is underway between Lake Express and the SS Badger, according to Michigan media.

The Badger, still burning coal, has been given three years by the EPA to switch fuels. The news that the Badger has switched to cleaner coal may not satisfy the EPA, which wants an end to flushing the ship's boilers into Lake Michigan.

The Badger's operators have said they do not think the procedure is bad for the lake.


Anonymous said...

Coal? Are you serious? Why not just use whale oil? I'll just drive my car then.

James Rowen said...

Everyone's a comedian - - but no one likes coal dust in their drinking or fishing or swimming water, do they?

Mac said...

The Obama Ferry will be starting service shortly. It is a very large sail boat called National Debt and goes which ever way the wind is blowing. Destination is unkown but it makes good time.

James Rowen said...

What is it about this subject that makes people post goofy comments?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mac, we have a sailor for a president? I never did like that moron cowboy from Texas.
So, in the spirit of your post: I will suggest that the Badger be "nucular" powered.