Saturday, November 8, 2008

Waukesha Commentator Frets About Democratic Agenda

Jim Wigderson sees the Democratic sweep bringing about a priority shift he doesn't like.

I see the transit and transportation changes he worries about as real advantages for the region.


RootsWire said...

Yes, as I've come to think of it he's "gettin' widgy wid it". Two things strike me:
a. Despite all the pre-election polling, the right-wing folks seem shocked that they lost - and it must be someone else's fault. Reminds me of a friend I once had who was really really lousy to his wife. Everyone (including his wife) kept telling him she was going to leave him. And yet, when she actually left, he was totally bewildered about why she was acting so crazy.

b. They just don't accept that much of what they are terrified of is exactly what people were voting for in this election.

Anonymous said...

Wigderson provides a very handy issues outline for me to follow so that I can keep track of how much worse off I will be under Democratic leadership. I am not too concerned though because my 57 cent an hour real wage increase over the last 30 years should keep me comfortable as I work three times as many hours as back then, just to attempt maintaining flat financial equity.

James Wigderson said...

If I've performed such a useful service, that's enough for me. Just remember, every Thursday for $.50 in the Waukesha Freeman. :)

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether Milwaukee county would be so Democratic if they actually had to "pay their own way" instead of siphoning money from neighboring counties.