Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Power Plant In Cassville

The PSC unanimously rejects Alliant Energy's plan.


Anonymous said...

So nice to know that power come from the Energy Elf! Is that something that the son of God discovered?

Anonymous said...

From what I read in the article, the PSC is trying to protect the citizens from Wisconsin in two ways. First, the cost of electricity from this plant is higher than the PSC thought it should be and Second, they thought is was creating too much pollution.

I don't know much about the process but it seems that Alliant would have an opportunity to produce a plan with a natural gas fired plant and if it is going to cost more per kilowatt anyway why not go to wind?

This is just a better long term strategy.

Anonymous said...


Coal is by far cheep then gas. Today the teck to reduce pollution is so much better. We need to avoid drinking AL My home uses more power then some towns" Gore' Cool Aid.
Should the State look into more renewable energy yes we should.

Power Planter said...

Americans should keep in mind that their quality of life is in large part due to cheap and reliable power supply. Green energy development only makes sense, but not at the expense of our quality of life. Coal is still our future.