Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sheldon Wasserman Would Be Solid Contender For County Exec

State Rep. Sheldon Wasserman did not unseat incumbent Alberta Darling in the north shore state senate race, but that does not mean he should give up considering a run for Milwaukee County Executive.

Just a thought, and I wish Wasserman well.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Plale is the better choice for County Executive.

Anonymous said...

Considering how much Wasserman raised and that he got 63% of the vote in Milwaukee County is encouraging. But then again, a candidate who lost is still a loser (with all due respect for Wasserman), and not likely to win (see Gard-Kagan).

Publius may be on to something - Plale could be a good choice. Has he expressed interest?

Zach W. said...

I think Wasserman would be a good choice, though Plale is a moderate Democrat who might have appeal to moderate/conservative folks.

Joseph Thomas Klein said...

Sheldon Wasserman will need more shoes if he is going to walk to and knock on each and every door in Milwaukee County.

It would be nice to have someone declare intent early. This last minute opponent to Walker thing needs to stop. The campaign to oust Walker should start now.