Monday, November 10, 2008

Scott Walker's Privatization Agenda Won't Fly

So the County Board turns down Scott Walker's privatization agenda goes down in flames, including his plan to bail out the transit system by leasing the airport.

Are we surprised?

Sure - - Midway Airport is being leased, and so are toll roads around the country, but people figure that the lease-holders want to make a profit, so all the fees and costs will go up - - parking, landing charges, store leases - - and in the end, county residents will still pay and pay and pay.

Walker's tenure as County Exec has been marked by years phony budgeting - - bogus revenue estimates filling service lines with dollars that were never going to arrive, forcing the inevitable call for more service cuts and budget wailing by Walker, year in and year out.

It's so tiresome.

Can we get a real executive as County Executive, please?


capper said...

Actually, James, the Board did fold at the end of the day and laid off 74 food services workers at the mental health complex. More on that later at my site.

Chicago Train Stories said...

If a recall effort can not be organized, and he does not become Governor, we will get rid of him on Monday April 16th 2012.

In my humble opinion, a Walker recall effort has a better chance of winning than a Walker for Governor effort.

Anonymous said...

Hey Milwaukee we just lost 165+ jobs at Case due to IMHO fears of the Obama Marxist agenda, and fears of the nex taxes that will be used to fund KRM.
Learn from Racine and reduce the taxes privatizes where you can or you will see with even higher taxes, more companies leave, more home owners leave declining tax base and Milwaukee turn into Detroit.
Maybe not the Right wing of the GOP needs upset voters to take back The State House, gee I should buy you guys a thank you dinner