Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mandate? I Think So

I know it's hard to be on the losing side of an election, but some conservatives pundits are looking silly by writing too fast and claiming that Barack Obama doesn't have a mandate.

I'd say that a 7.5 million vote margin (53-46%), and a 349-163 majority in Electoral College is pretty darn decisive. The numbers are from CNN.

Trying to parse data into something they are not is bad politics and fuzzy math.


Anonymous said...

Wait and see if his mandate has traction. I just do not believe the government can raises taxes and raise them so more and not have a revolt.
Obama got himself quite a jam. I do hope he reopens NAFTA see even more companies lose jobs.
Stops secret ballets for Union elections see companies close or relocate, with more job loss.
My guess is by year 1 of the Obama we will have 8% unemployment and by year 2 10%.

James Rowen said...

He does have a hard row to hoe. Let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Yes he does, even as right wing as I am I plan to support where I can.
He is after all the President.
BTW thanks for the postings on The KRM issues and growth for Southeastern Wisconsin. Even though we disagree on what should be the goal the system we have now is busted.
When you look at Board members and the links to other groups I think ride them out on a rail!

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan on The Mclaughlin Group this week stated multiple times that Obama has a mandate on a several issues. Mclaughlin himself said that Obama has a personal mandate, leaving him plenty of room to operate politically.

Anonymous said...

This week's edition of The Economist has several articles analyzing the election results where they refer to Obama's "mandate."