Monday, November 17, 2008

Transition Observations

I've been in and out of DC recently and I can report that by all accounts, the transition to Pres. Obama is going smoothly.

There seems to be little need for the outburst of gun sales reported back home, and Obama's interview on "60 Minutes" last night - - ratings story and video link here - - again demonstrated that the guy has a refreshing familiarity with the English language and how it applies to the country and the world.

More than a million people are expected to line Pennsylvania Ave. on inauguration day, so that must mean there is a continuing bond between the electorate and the winner of the Nov. 4th election.

And reasonable names for Cabinet positions are being discussed, including commitments to Republican appointments.

The fear factor is about zero.

So here's hoping that the Right and those survivalists fearing either the hordes, or confiscatory gun laws, can relax, roll with it and even enjoy the historic times we're lucky to be in.

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Anonymous said...

wouldn't it have been nice if the Clintons showed the same respect to the Bushes in 2000, instead of stealing or damaging everything they could and pardoning criminals who were also contributors.