Thursday, November 13, 2008

Milwaukee Dems Lose Legislative Leadership, City Loses Clout

The inability of Milwaukee legislators to hold or gain caucus leadership positions is more than an obvious lose of prestige at the state capitol.

It's a danger sign for the city and urban issues generally as the economy slides into recession.

Milwaukee and city residents statewide will need an effective presence in the legislative and budget-writing processes; the state's looming red-ink crisis needs a solution, and it will hurt Milwaukee and diverse populations in the state if fiscal approaches come at their expense.

The city's political machinery has not found enough new and persuasive voices to run in legislative elections, though Sandy Pasch has great potential.

This isn't a knock on the Dems who won leadership positions.

But as we congratulate the winners, let's also understand that a diminished role for Milwaukee in the next session is the political reality of the day.

[Update: Milwaukee did score two seats on Joint Finance.]


Anonymous said...

This really is an outrageous move and should have some serious repercussions. If democrats know anything (and really, do they) they might want to notice that in 2years there is a governor race. Milwaukee is where Democrat votes come from. Milwaukee is where a lot of democrat money comes from.

And the outstate Democrats may think they don't need Milwaukee, but they might find that a democrat from Chicago running the country feels different. And then maybe somebody can explain how the people can elect a black president but Wisconsin Democrats put up a fatass lily white old person leadership team? Governor Van Hollen anyone?

Anonymous said...

The "Us Against Them" mindset works both ways in the capitol, and outstate Dems have long felt that Milwaukee Dems had overstepped their bounds at the expense of the rest of the state which is ALSO a major driver of the economy, Senator Plale.

Milwaukee Dems need to realize the Outstate Dems are the best (and probably the only) friends they have going. The Outstate GOP wants the city to be carved out and barged far down Lake Michigan, no? And the Suburban GOP isn't much better. Yet when Outstate Dems try to find a fair balance, they're blasted by Milwaukee Dems for not giving enough. It's never enough. (From people who still think their food comes from the grocery store for crying out loud.)

With a $5 Billion hole to fill, I'm guessing the last thing anyone wanted was for Milwaukee to bully the budget again. But they still have a voice, and they'll still have the votes to block anything they don't want. Count on it.

Anonymous said...

Not Van Hollen think Gov Walker.
Milwaukee is quickly turning into Detroit.
High crime, no jobs, business leaving, and the only answer is higher taxes. Forgot crooks in office both City Council (Mc Gee) and County Board.

Do not worry Racine is quickly joining you

James Rowen said...

To Colt: Get your glass above the lakf-empty mark.