Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama For President

I am sure there are many voters like me who were around for the civil rights movement and see an Obama victory as the fulfillment of a big measure of that movement's promise.

We need a major change from so many policies of the last eight years - - the Iraq war, the contempt for Americans' civil liberties, the coddling of the rich; it's a long litany and not worth repeating here.

Electing Barack Obama is the surest route to at least beginning to undo the damage to America that the Bush-Cheney reign has wrought, and it will be a bonus if the country elects a mixed-race President and can move affirmatively past some of its deep-seated racism.

Then the hard work begins, and with a fighting chance of success because the best team and attitude and intentions will drive the effort.

That's the benefit of a campaign based on inclusion and grassroots participation - - historic community organizing techniques laid down by one veteran organizer from the south side of Chicago despite the sneers from the genuinely elitist Far Right.

John McCain twisted himself into something unrecognizable during his campaign, and if he loses, will pay dearly for that unseemly and unnecessary transformation: stinging defeat, cannibalistic criticism from within his party, and full responsibility for what could be massive losses by down-ballot Republicans in the Congress, state houses, legislatures and local offices.

The Sarah Palin sideshow, a pratfall entirely of McCain's own scripting, will stand out as his most flawed campaign decision.

He didn't have the strength or the will to stand up for himself against the wacko fringe in his party and go with his preferences - - Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge - - so he started off looking weak in the face of threatened revolts from the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

If you lose an election, it's comforting to know that you didn't compromise yourself into defeat. McCain, should he lose, has cost himself that satisfaction.

And if I'm wrong, well - - I'll be the first to admit it and to acknowledge that it won't have been the first time, and surely won't be the last. People like me will just work harder the next time around.

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