Saturday, November 1, 2008

Light Rail Boosts Nearby Home Values

As has been writ large on this blog and elsewhere, light rail is an economic development tool.

Now comes a story from the Denver Post about light rail's enhancement of home values near the line.

I'd say that we are missing the boat here, but our train hasn't even left the station yet.

Thanks to Joe Klein for sending this along.


Anonymous said...

The same has happened in the San Francisco Bay area and BART

Anonymous said...

Countless research shows that infrastructure investments increase property values.

This is why fixed rail is such a preferable investment of Milw's unspent ISTEA funds, rather than express bus service.

Walker's plan for express buses would have much less economic impact than light rail. Given the econometric research on this, I'm shocked fiscal republicans oppose it. The return on the tax dollar is unbelievable and builds wealth.

Walker should wake up to this economic reality.

PS Please vote yes on the sales tax referendum Nov 4.