Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Right-Wing Talk Radio Get Weirder As The Election Nears

Sean Hannity tonight as his 10:00 p.m. hour closed out on WISN-Am 1130 opined that he hoped that all the guilty ACORN organizers should be sent to prison where they'd have to shower with a guy "named Bruno."

Got a fix on the images coursing through Mr. Hannity's mind?

Strike you as fair and balanced?


Anonymous said...

I certainly can't advocate what Hannity's (not) saying.

Conversely, here's a little liberal dialog that also seriously questions fairness and justice.

Your fellow Milwaukee Journal editorialist, Eugene Kane blogs about "O.J.'s Last Stand" on September 12th. He writes

Frankly, I'm one of the few black people in my social circle willing to admit I think OJ did kill two people regardless of the not guilty verdict in his criminal case. BUT I also admit I had no problem with the verdict; OJ was a rich American who used his money and privilege to beat the rap, just like countless other Americans have done, including Hollywood actor Robert Blake.

Reference: http://blogs.jsonline.com/raisingkane/archive/2008/09.aspx

I guess "weird" thinking exists on both sides of the political aisle.

James Rowen said...

To TWW: How you could segueway to Gene Kane and OJ Simpson on this posting is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, I can't advocate what Hannity is (not) saying. It's wrong.

Your blog is constantly pointing out oddities from the opposite side of the aisle. I merely took the liberty to illustrate that there are weird, odd thoughts eminating from your side of the aisle as well.

James Rowen said...

This is one of the problems with political talk on the radio, and I guess on blogs. Someone makes a point and the other side leaps in to say, 'well, yeah, but what about this contrary example over here?'

So what? Gene Kane and OJ? It's so far off the mark.

Wouldn't it be enough to say, 'Right. Hannity's remark is worth criticizing on its own,' without feeling the need to point 180 degrees in the other direction to undercut your own point?

Anonymous said...

Ok, you're right. My Kane/OJ illustration was a bad example.
I should have refrained from throwing stones from my glass house toward yours.

James Rowen said...

Over and out.

Michael Horne said...

I've showered with Bruno and he is really hung. Hannity might like it.
The Fear is the Wish.

LHwrites said...

Just another smarmy example of why, slowly but surely, the Conservatives have had to leave family values out of their campaigns and invective these last several years. Between the fantasies of guys like Hannity, and Larry Craig, and the impending shotgun nuptials of Palin's kid, their true colors show more all the time. Now, if we can hammer home that they created most of the national debt as well, maybe we can get them to stop saying it's the tax and spend Democrats bankrupting the nation. But then again, after reading your exchange with TWW, maybe I shouldn't bring up the national debt when the posting is about weird Republican radio musings!