Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adult Blogger Hangs His Racial Denials On A 15-Year-Old's Words

A West Bend teenager may be found to have made up a story about racial harassment in her West Bend high school.

Let's hope that the harassment didn't occur, and that if there is a troubled teen there implicated in a fabrication that she gets some help, and faces the consequences in a reasonable, legal sense, too.

But let's remember that 15 is 15 - - a very young age - - and let's not be so anxious as some are to jump on this sad incident and use it as a deep bucket of whitewash to erase all claims of and responsibilities for our endemic racial difficulties.

Mark Belling was on his high horse this afternoon about this case, too, delivering an additional tounge-lashing to reporters whom he said had too willingly accepted and reported her story.

Sure - - this girl has not helped matters if she made up her story - - but neither does blogger Patrick McIlheran, or Belling.

Playing gotcha for political purposes with a 15-year-old is hardly a fair fight.

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