Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hooters To Brookfield; There Goes The Neighborhood

Hooters is moving to Brookfield on Blue Mound Rd.

Mayor Jeff Speaker couldn't be reached for comment, says the Journal Sentinel today.

Did anyone check at his run-down Milwaukee income property on N. 36th Street? Let's hope he was there getting all those code violations fixed.


Other Side said...

I live in Brookfield so it's difficult for me to wrap myself around this: They would deny an Aldi's, but ok a Hooters? Weird priorities.

Anonymous said...

Aldi attracts trash. Hooters is just a restaurant with attractive women. How many bars are there that have females dressed in skimpy outfits? A LOT! I fail to see a problem.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in Brookfield, but if you don't want support Hooters then don't by not eating there. I don't see how its mere presence would be a problem, besides it's NOT a strip club, get a grip! I plan on applying there!