Sunday, October 19, 2008

DNR Race Against Time In Waukesha Land Purchases

I like the way Darryl Enriquez of the Journal Sentinel has followed the aggressive efforts by the Wisconsin Department of Vatural Resourced to keep land in the public domain in sprawl-addicted Waukesha County.

I have spent considerable time in Waukesha County, and changes to the landscape there in just the last few years have been dramatic.

And don't forget that more open space will fall to 'development' when Lake Michigan water gets exported to Waukesha County under terms of the recently-approved Great Lakes Compact.

Additionally, the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission's water supply advisory committee is recommending moving water to the City of Waukesha - - a move sure to set off annexations and building past the city's current boundaries.

The DNR wants to expand the Kettle Moraine State Forest through land purchases from willing sellers which will provide guaranteed buffers and recreational opportunities between areas sold to subdividers and commercial builders.

That's a great move: Our grandchildren and their children will thank the DNR for this far-sighted work,

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