Friday, October 17, 2008

Rovian Vision Ignored by US Supreme Court

GOP stalwarts and related ideologues were shocked, shocked that the US Supreme Court decided Friday that the Republican Party of Ohio did not have standing to demand that state officials flyspeck 200,000 voter registrations.

The blatant attempt to throw a monkey wrench into the Presidential election in Ohio - - a variation on GOP trickery there in 2004 - - got thrown out of court instead, but Republicans were baffled that the High Court, with so many Republican appointees, could rule against them.

Sorry fellas. You're not an official party, an arm of government, the Court said.

Tough love, since Karl Rove promised a permanent Republican majority.

It looks like one-party rule from The Right is coming to an end on Nov. 4th, and with it, Rove's arrogant machinations.

A "W" on election night in the Democrats' box score will also restore dignity and the context to that poor, abused consonant.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ironically, were the Repubs efforts to have succeeded, seems there's a good chance Joe the Plumber would not have been able to vote in Ohio.

The guy's last name is "Wurzelbacher", but due to poor handwriting, apparently, voter records show him as "Worzelbacher."

Sorry, Joe, no voting for you.

Oh wait, the Supremes threw this one out. Imagine that.