Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dividing Americans: More Self-Defeating Bush-Like Strategery From John McCain

The McCain campaign, finding itself behind in Virginia, says Northern Virginia is not "the real Virginia."

That's a divisive message for sure.

The ultra-conservative radio commentator Michael Savage said on his Friday program that the McCain campaign was "taking a dive," a boxing metaphor for deliberately losing.

When I look at the Virginia remark, the self-destructive McCain ads, rallies, robocalls and the entire Sarah Palin debacle, I can see why a conservative like Savage, as loopy as he is, would be so disenchanted with John McCain.

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LHwrites said...

It seems as if being loopy is a job requirement for ultra-conservative radio and t.v. commentators. Originally FOX News considered its tagline to be: Fairly Unbalanced. They reconsidered for the much less accurate but more reasonable sounding one they currently use. Nevertheless, you know even the loopy can smell the blood of a loser, and loyalty was never a Conservative strong point (unless they think it will get them something). I imagine before election day, more of them will start abandoning the S.S. McCain.