Friday, October 10, 2008

County Board Grounds Walker Budget Gimmick

The County Board is deep-sixing plans by Executive Scott Walker to consider leasing Mitchell Airport.

The Board is obviously tired of Walker's annual budget fakery and now they and some department heads will get down to the tough choices in real budget crafting.

Seems this is the silly season for Republican pols - - everyday a new scheme to throw money at something. McCain has a new bailout plan a day - - yesterday to buy bad home mortgages for full price; today, have the government make some people's IRA plans more whole.

What will these goofs think of next?

2 comments: said...

The airport thing is just one of the irresponsible things that Walker has proposed.

Last year he wanted to borrow money with pension obligation bonds to reinvest in the stock market.

James Rowen said...

We should get an expert to show the results for taxpayers of that scheme, post Meltdown, had Walker had his way..