Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ted Kanavas Flunks Politics 101

Ted Kanavas is Brookfield's Republican State Senator, but his careless and inaccurate use of political language makes one wonder if he's in the right environment.

Kanavas tells tells the Waukesha Freeman that people are frightened of Barack Obama because they think he's "pretty socialistic."

Here are the money quotes:

"He [Kanacas] said the area's Republican base, initially lukewarm to McCain, is now enthusiastically behind his ticket.

"'It's two parts: One is excitement over Palin and the other is complete dread regarding Obama," Kanavas said. "People here see Obama as pretty socialistic and that's bad news for most people in Waukesha County.'"

Name-calling and fear-mongering aside, hasn't the term "socialistic" pretty much lost its meaning as the Republican administration in Washington is leading bailout plans that are exchanging federal funding for failing business stock (AIG) and otherwise are nationalizing banks and guaranteeing loans just the way a true socialist government would operate.

And didn't John McCain at Tuesday's debate basically suggest government purchase of millions of home mortgages for the benefit of reckless, uninformed or just plain unlucky homeowners?

Politicians love to throw out one-line zingers with loaded phrases because they know reporters will print and air them.

Even if, or perhaps because it makes those gabby politicians look ridiculous.

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