Thursday, October 16, 2008

McCain Home Mortgage Plan Spreads The Wealth

Isn't that what government purchase of bad mortgages for their full amount...amounts to?

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LHwrites said...

Yeah, that one too. Obama let a lot of opportunities to set the record straight and to not let John McCain set the narrative of the last debate, slip away. It does not APPEAR to have cost him, though. He let McCain get away with calling Obama's more equitable tax policies "class warfare". He never takes McCain to task for saying he will build 45 nuclear plants, but not where he will come up with the $450 billion to pay for them. He did not ask McCain how he will pay for the community health centers in his health plan. He did not point out that the way taxes work, if Joe the Plumber did buy the business, only his income over the $250,000 would be taxed additionally, and only by 3% more, making his effective rate much less than the top marginal rate, which, when the numbers are made real, doesn't sound so much like the end of life as we know it. As I have said, this was John's best debate, but that did not make it good, and it does not seem to have swayed voters, but John can consider it a 'free pass' from Obama that he did not call him on any of this.