Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain's Latest Stunt

After dissing Washington all summer and skipping votes, McCain wants to suspend the campaign and head back to DC to solve the economic crisis.

Can't McCain multi-task? Do the debate and then fly to DC if he chooses.

It's all smoke-and-mirrors; A stunt. What's next?

A suggestion.

Maybe he should just drop out now, as the polls are turning against him in what's becoming a Campaign to Nowhere.


Michael J. Cheaney said...

So lemme just see if I have this straight....

For the better part of the last year we Americans are fed a steady diet of OH MY GOD, people are losing their homes we must do something to avert an economic meltdown.

Then last week it is announced that something will be done. (i don't agree with the solution but thats another topic) but it needs congressional approval.

Then today McCain basically says to Obama "We are Senators first and there are more pressing matters that need to be taken of, lets fly to DC and work on this bailout package. We will reschedule the debate for another time.

Obama says No. the debate is much more important than stabilizing the economy.

Thereby proving yet again that Obama is out only for himself!

BTW the James seriously have you ever known ANYONE in DC to work on a Saturday? PFFFT Fly back to DC after the debate.

You must done lost your mind!

James Rowen said...


I was born and raised in DC, still have family and friends there, and yes, I know plenty of people who work very hard there. Don't be a slave to stereotypes.

Obama suggested to McCain this morning that they work together on a statement and a plan.

McCain then ran out with the suspend-the-campaign-and-debate scheme.

Totally transparent. They can do both: McCain is not needed in the room in DC to work out a plan. There are plenty of people there doing just that.

I predict the debate goes off as planned, with the main topics being the eoonomy and a rescue plan.

Michael J. Cheaney said...


I must respectfully disagree. You of all people know (Better than I) that politics is all about perception. And that peoples perception tends to be reality. (I am not saying right or wrong just that it is what it is)

And all summer we have been told that the economy is the worst its ever been, and how things WILL change if Obama is elected president.

Well today in my opinion at least Obama had a chance to prove to the people that he IS standing up for the little guy, by saying to McCain OK lets go to DC and hammer this out.

McCain gets some goodwill from the Republicans.

Obama gets some love from the Democrats, and maybe, just maybe each of them pick-up some of the undecided voters and they can both say they worked in a truly Bi-partisan effort to help the American people.

But instead Obama says NOPE, We must debate. The bailout can wait.

Personally I think it was classy of McCain to at least suggest suspending the campaign temporarily, because it put the ball in Obamas court.

I agree that neither one of them is NEEDED in Washington, but by JM being their at least it give the perception that he is doing something to help. And as I said perception is reality when it comes to politics.

My Prediction: Obama caves within 36 hours.

James Rowen said...

My prediction: the debate is on, with the economy as the focus.