Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bad Staff Work Undermines McCain's Campaign 'Suspension'

Someone in the McCain operation forgot that Katie Couric and David Letterman both appear on CBS, so if McCain's people canceled a taping with Letterman at the last minute - - claiming McCain's campaign was suspended in favor of full time nation-saving - - it was downright stupid to supply McCain for taping with Couric a few blocks away.

Didn't the McCain people think and know that folks at CBS talk to each other, and can tap into live taping feeds?

Letterman was even unhappier when he found out and blasted McCain's manipulations.

Details here.

Video here. McCain get caught at the Couric taping - - not on the way to the airport, as he had told Letterman personally - - at about the 6:50 mark of the posted video.

CBS' Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson, and a new US citizen to boot, weighs in, too.

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