Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's With The Righties' Endless Mocking Of Obama's Name?

The righty bloggers and talk show hosts show constant disrespect for Barack Obama.

They tease him with "The Messiah," "The One," and all sorts of varietions. I've heard "Chocolate Jesus."

Obama's middle name "Hussein" is ubiquitous all over the blogs.

Today I heard Rush Limbaugh calling him "Barry," the westernized name Obama went by as a youngster instead of "Barack."

Dissing a person with nicknames that are not of the person's choosing is a form of control - - and in this case, it's part of a constant campaign by the right to denigrate Obama and reduce his stature.


Other Side said...

I suspect it also has something to do with the level of maturity.

Anonymous said...

My favorite example of this came from the Seer of West Bend, Owen Robinson. He questioned what the big deal was about using Obama's middle name. It's just his middle name, what does he have to be ashamed about? You could almost hear the "wink wink". So then people like my idiot mother-in-law, who watches The 700 Club and listens to WVCY, will swear he's a heathen Muslim, which is exactly what the Republicans want to happen.

Anonymous said...

Chuckie Sykes does this all the time.