Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bush Does Not Have The Energy and Credibility To Lead Right Now

Anybody seen our Guy-Who's-Still-President?

Anyone imagine him holding the equivalent of a fireside chat? A reassuring national televised talk? A 30-second spot to tell us to go shopping again?

When he's spotted fleetingly on the tube, everything about his body language says, "Are we there yet? Can I go home now?"

Besides, McCain would prevent it. Better for McCain that that the country forgets Bush is president. Don't remind the voters that the guy who was allegedly at the helm when the ship of state ran aground was supported by McCain more than 90& of the time - - by McCain's accounting.

We see the Fed chairman, and the Treasury Secretary on TV, making pronouncements, holding meetings, taking decisions - - but not the Chief Executive, and certainly not Dick Cheney.

What? You wanna knock another 1,000 off the Dow? Send Mr. Birdshot to the lectern.

Bet W is watching a ballgame about now, or has turned in for the night. He's counting the days, like the rest of us.

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