Thursday, September 25, 2008

Will McCain Propose Postponing The Election, Too?

Now the McCain people want the VP debate postponed, too.

What's next? Christmas?

The ostensible reason: getting the bailout package approved.

The real reason: They're losing and the debates will further expose their weaknesses.


Anonymous said...

McCain wants to POSTPONE the debate, not CANCEL it. Is there a big difference if the debate takes place 30 days before the debate versus 40 days before the debate?
If, as you say, the debates will further expose McCain's weaknesses, then it would actually benefit Obama for McCain's shortcomings to be revealed closer to election day.

While it may be campaign maneuvering, another view is that McCain is a person who puts words into action, whereas Obama is a person who puts words into, err, well, more words. Obama would rather talk about what needs to be done than actually gettign something done.

James Rowen said...

I believe the words postponing and postpone appear in the headline and text of what I wrote.

Anonymous said...

Exactly my point. Why are you making a big deal over the postponement of the debate? If, as you state, the real reason is that McCain felt as though he was genuinely losing and his weaknesses would be exposed, then McCain would cancel the debate, not postpone it.

James Rowen said...

It is not up to McCain to cancel the debate, nor postpone it. These debates are set up by a commission, agreed to in advance by the candidates, to serve the public.

For McCain, delays and other distractions are diversions to keep people from seeing exactly how little an agenda he really has.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the community has spent about $5.5 million getting prepared for the debate.

If McCain is going to weasel out because he didn't prepare for the debate (he reminds me so much of a high-school student trying to talk his way into taking an exam later because he was too busy having fun over the weekend to study for it that it's eerie), it's only fair if he both repays the community for the money they have spent preparing for the debate AND pays the money used to hold the debates at the new date.

His wife can afford it.

James Rowen said...

Of course McCain will participate. He ain't that dumb to skip out, though he does look disorganized the last 48 hours.

Would have posted this separately, but computer problems barred it.