Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John Gard, Big Oil One-Trick Pony: Guest Post

John Gard has aligned himself with Big Oil, as reader Don Freix from Fish Creek writes below:

John Gard, One Trick Pony

Has anyone else noticed, in John Gard’s campaign advertising, any mention of generally accepted, critical election issues other than his off shore oil drilling rant? Though solutions differ between political parties about proper approaches needed to address health care, the war, job creation, sustainable environment, energy and education, where is Mr Gard’s major focus in attempting to get your vote this year? In a nutshell, his entire public theme and solution to all of our nation’s problems seems to be, “drill, baby, drill.”

In Gard’s electioneering, what I've seen thus far is an unapologetic attempt to foment and focus thoughtless voter outrage over gas prices and to create further party divisiveness for his own ends, instead of advocating even one common sense approach to solving our current energy crisis that could potentially help all of us. Even at his seeming best with his single, "walk the plank," election, "platform," Gard grossly fails to address several pertinent facts regarding his claims about his opponent Congressman Steve Kagen’s supposed inadequacies in addressing, and inferred blame for causing, our vast energy problems through one aspect of the oil issue.

John Gard fails to mention that only 20% of 40 million acres of federal land currently under lease for purposes of exploratory drilling and oil production are currently being used for that purpose. He fails to mention that offshore drilling creates an extremely high risk for serious environmental degradation. And, Gard fails to mention that even with offshore drilling, none of that potential oil, if it actually comes to market seven to ten years out, would be required to be sold to US consumers. Oil will go to the highest world market bidder. Where is Alaskan oil heading today? Try looking toward the Far East.

Energy solutions for our nation’s present and future needs require much more than tired party rhetoric about off shore drilling whose real purpose is to get more publicly owned resources under the control of private enterprise while providing no tangible benefit to the general public. Unfortunately, from Gard, we get only lies through omission of adequate information, false insinuations about the ability of offshore drilling to solve our energy needs, and the seeming entire lack of an election platform in an honest, transparent stance that addresses any of the other major issues we face.

John Gard, in my opinion, has no conscience in regard to election ethics and tactics, no apparent comprehension of the full range of campaign issues, and no apparent respect for the intelligence of his electorate. Thoughtful, comprehensive assessments and tangible proposals to address all our nation’s major issues is what we need and have a right to expect from our candidates and our next US Representative. Don’t bet yours and your children’s future on this tired, one trick pony, John Gard.

Donald Freix
Fish Creek, WI


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