Friday, September 19, 2008

Inflexible And Arrogant, WisDOT Pledges Anew To Build The Interchange To Nowhere

The Journal Sentinel learns that the upscale mall at Pabst Farms looks more and more like a glorified strip mall - - but WisDOT says it will build the $25 million fast-tracked I-94 interchange there anyway.

Remember that the plan was to build an interchange to serve the hordes who'd be driving to a Nordstrom's, or a Von Maur, and other fancy-pants shoppes at a "life-style center," avoiding a trip all the way to faraway Mayfair.

Now that the high-end stores appear to have been but a mirage, replaced by big-boxes and chain department stores - - a Target, perhaps, an Office Max, as they are rare in these parts, no? - - WisDOT has discovered other justifications for the interchange, like the new hospital being build across the highway from where the mall may or may not be built.

Oh, WisDOT, your spin is making me feel faint.

Some in Waukesha County are talking about withholding the county's 7%, $1.75 million share, which would be the right thing to do.

Why should anyone kick in for a full diamond interchange in order to get themselves a few minutes faster to a new PetSmart store, or even a Shopko?

And you know what would happen if Waukesha County did the right thing, and pulled that share?

WisDOT would build the interchange anyway, shaving a little fat out of the budget here and there, because WisDOT does not back down.

They are WisDOT, accountable to no one.

One more thought: it is the interchange's phony-baloney planning process that led to the ACLU's discrimination complaint against SEWRPC, whose officials agreed to move the project to a fast lane list.

Looks to me like WisDOT is begging to be added to the complaint, and if that doesn't happen, SEWRPC will left holding the bag.

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Jack Lohman said...

Follow the money! The road builders need the work and the politicians receiving their campaign contributions are obviously getting to the right people.