Friday, September 12, 2008

The McCain/Palin Plan: Just Say Stuff

Last week the McCain No-Fact zone was spreading the phony word that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had opposed the Bridge to Nowhere and had also sold a state airplane on eBay, for a profit - - with both the eBay sale claim and profit embellishment proven false.

Yesterday, it was Palin musing on ABC about "perhaps" going to war with Russia over the Georgian troubles, and not knowing what the Bush Doctrine is.

Today, it's McCain saying Palin as Governor didn't ask for earmarked money.

When, in fact, these requests were being made at a time that Alaska's oil revenues were soaring and federal deficits were, too, Joe Klein nicely summarizes.

The GOP campaign strategy seems to be: when caught in a blunder or a fib, just make something else up and move on.

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