Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Scott Walker, Begging To Be Recalled

A few weeks ago, I said Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker's willful damage to the local transit system, and his stalemating the use of $91.5 million in federal funding, should make voters seriously think about sending him packing through the same recall mechanism that he first used to ride into office.

Now we have exhibit #2 in the current case against Walker:

The Journal Sentinel discloses that Walker has sneaked through some big pay raises for favored administrators, and wants a 26% increase for Tom Nardelli, his chief of staff and a former Milwaukee alderman.

Nardelli would have had a tantrum had a mayor tried these shenanigans, especially while working on a 2009 budget that is going to call for service cuts and layoffs.

I think the backdoor raises, in this particular economy, crosses a political and ethical line that demonstrates Walker's growing abuse of the office.

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