Monday, September 29, 2008

Second Hoover Administration Performing Like Hoover The First

As has been said often here: can the Bush administration end any faster?

The House Republicans - - remember, these are the very goof-ball ideologues, gold bugs and other assorted Neanderthal folk that Maverick McCain went to Washington to reason with or cajole - - blew up the bailout package today and pretty much doomed Maverick's quest for the White House.

They think this saving the electoral hides in November; all these selfish, short-sighted and selfish you-know-whats should be thrown out of office.

These cowardly Republicans have scoured untold trillions scoured from people's personal savings, let alone from the markets which are exercising the "freedom" that the GOP loves to tout, thereby pushing the country closer to a depression.

So Barack wins - - I can't imagine voters turning to Maverick and his minor-league sidekick to resolve problems of this magnitude - - and has another 1930's level mess to clean up, just as Democrats did with Hoover I.

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