Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WMC To Doyle, Public: Choke On Our Smokestack Pollution

The good folks over at Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce again endorse dirty air, calling on Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle to lobby for relaxed federal ozone standards for Wisconsin counties that have substantial air pollution problems.

They did this a few months ago, too, but hey: it's a long holiday weekend, so why not cough this up again into the public debate and throw a thick cloud of negativity over the Thanksgiving spirit?

These leading Wisconsin industrialists must have missed the recent Midwest Governors' summit on climate change, which endorsed a host of goals designed to clean up the air - - a shared resource.

The WMC calls the regulations "onerous."

Come on, WMC. Own up to it. You want another little bump in profit maximization, and if it dirties up our lungs we can just suck it up.


Greed is an ugly phenomenon: The WMC is completely out of touch with everyday people, especially those with asthmatic kids or aging parents - - and one of these days the WMC membership is going to rebel and throw out its cold-hearted staff and leadership.

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