Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Treated With High-Tech Equipment, Sewage Becomes The Drinking Water Of The Future

This might appear distasteful, but given water shortages, turning sewage into potable water through modern science is growing in acceptance.

It's not much different than cities now extracting water for eventual purification and use as drinking water downstream from a sewage discharge facility that has legally put treated effluent into the river upstream.

That's so commonplace that people don't really think much about it.

For instance, that's what happens routinely in Illinois communities' water utilities along the Fox River that are downstream from the City of Waukesha's wastewater treatment and discharge plant upstream.

In fact, a city like Waukesha could choose to reuse and recycle much of that wastewater as a way to reduce its need to drill more wells, or divert water from Lake Michigan to meet future water demand.

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