Friday, November 30, 2007

Waukesha Consultant Documents Will Be Posted

The documents referenced in the posting "Waukesha Consultant Suggested Tax Sharing With Milwaukee To Win Diversion" will be put up on the blog electronically as soon as I can get them converted, with a link.

Sorry for the delay.


Anonymous said...

Who cares? It doesn't make it a good idea and it doesn't help it pass constitutional muster.

How nice of the city of Milwaukee to claim ownership of the lake and then hold the residents of Waukesha hostage for an annual tribute.

Imagine if Waukehsa's water was actually dangerous to health - the story would read a lot differently.

Your suburban hatred it rather sad.

James Rowen said...

Milwaukee does not "own" the lake. Never has, never claimed to.

And I don't hate the suburbs.

I do think that the Boxer argument had merit.

Dave said...

Let's see Milwaukee is a city on the water and in the basin where much of Waukesha isn't. If it is ok for Waukesha to have the water should we sell it to Phoenix, or how about Charlotte? Would that be could for Wisconsin? or Milwaukee?