Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bottled Water Has "Friends"

Well, one very yesterday's Friend - - Jennifer Aniston, the new pitchwoman for "Glaceau," the vitamin-enhanced line of bottled "smart" waters which was recently purchased for $4.1 billion by Coca-Cola.

Water and vitamins and flavors for about $3 a bottle.

Since Aniston's celebrity is on the way down, maybe this suggests that bottled water is on the way out, too?

Probably not, but let's be optimistic and call it a small sign of desperation.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me how much money people spend on the smart water and vitamin waters- most people don't realize that vitamins consumed through beverages have not been proven to even be absorbed by the body. Why not a regular water and a vitamin? I just don't get the fascination.

James Rowen said...

To Lana:
Vanity? False needs? Advertising manipulation? The need for a prop, especially if one sees a celebrity holding the same? Go figure...