Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Bit More About The Interfaith Conference Of Greater Milwaukee

No one there or anywhere else has asked me to post this, but here is the Interfaith mission statement taken off the group's website.

It helps to explain why it chose to criticize Charlie Sykes for posting and defending with "a line in the sand" a controversial bumper sticker the organization found offensive.

(You can work you back into the skirmish, here, or scroll back a few posts on this blog.)

"Mission Statement

"The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee is the interfaith agency established by the religious community to address the social issues affecting the quality of life in the Greater Milwaukee area.

"The mission of the Conference is based on the religious values of the dignity of every person and the solidarity of the human community.

"The Conference enables individuals, congregations, and the religious leadership to participate as an interfaith presence in the dialogue and action that impact on this dignity and solidarity."

Secondly, let me disclose that this group gave my wife its annual Frank Zeidler award for community service last year.

And also let me disclose that I have been to many Interfaith functions where people of all religions and creeds spoke, studied, debated, prayed and broke bread together.

These are experiences I heartily recommend, along with the organization's authoritative and positive presence in a region frequently wracked by misunderstanding and intolerance.

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