Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Thought I Was Reading The Onion...

when I read this headline and blurb Tuesday night on

"Ziegler to hear tax case funded by supporter

"State Supreme Court Justice Annette K. Ziegler is poised to sit on a tax case partially financed by a group that spent more than $2 million to get her elected."

This is the same Annette Ziegler waiting for the Court to issue her punishment for violations of the state's judicial code that included following improper procedures in cases in which she had a conflict-of-interest.

In the tax case, she has disclosed the potential conflict, but wouldn't it have been smart to recuse herself?


Anonymous said...

You moron, ethics are for Dumbocrats. Conservatives don't need ethics because we're always completely honest and trustworthy!

Anonymous said...

Given the bald audacity on display nowadays, "I Thought I Was Reading The Onion..." can become a recurring blog heading.