Friday, November 30, 2007

On A Day Of Ironies, Barrett Sums It Up For Milwaukee

As Milwaukee welcomes Ed Flynn as the city's new police chief, selected from the outside (Springfield, MA), three former Milwaukee police officers on the day same get hit with long sentences (from 15-17 years) in US District Court for violating the civil rights of men they beat as part of a senseless, drunken mob.

Sentences that probably would have been shorter if, in their earlier state court cases, honest testimony had been presented by several current and ex-officers who didn't tell the truth, leading to unjust acquittals.

Mayor Tom Barrett summed up the sentencings for a community that needs to move past the beatings and everything the brutality and coverup represented:

“The sentences handed down today by Federal Judge Charles Clevert are fair and just punishment for the crimes committed against Mr. Frank Jude Jr. and Mr. Lovell Harris,." said Barrett. "These sentences bring Milwaukee closer to ending this sad chapter in our City’s history, and hopefully closer to healing and recovery.”

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Jim Bouman said...

From the first day he became District Attorney, E. Michael McCann KNEW that if he ever aggressively prosecuted a Milwaukee cop for shooting (or beating to a pulp)a black man, he would be clobbered at the next election and spend the rest of his career proofreading wills and trusts as a junior partner in Gerry Boyle's law firm.

So, he just conducted all his phony inquests and gave all those thuggish Milwaukee Cops a free pass--for thirty years.

Don't talk to me about Schomperlein. Schomperlein was a white guy,a Brewers fan from the south side,an insurance man or something, who got his face beaten until it looked like minestrone, by D'Acquisto and his partner. McCann had to prosecute those two.

Don't talk to me about Daniel Bell. Bell dropped into Mike's lap, uninvited, a gift from a stinking thug of a cop who planted a knife on a kid that he and his partner had murdered. Only a guilty conscience and a plea for some way of living with a guilty conscience got Mike a conviction.

Don't talk to me about Earnie, (The dopes at the Journal have never even learned how to spell his name) the innocent, disabled kid the Milwaukee cops murdered (choked to death) and, then, wheedled their way to a free pass from McCann.

The reason Jude was beaten to pulp was that thirty years of Mike McCann's easy policy on police brutality (and killing) persuaded the cops that ANYTHING they did would get the tag of "justifiable" from that weasely, self-satisfied, politically astute District Attorney, E. Michael McCann.

His sorry ass deserves to fry in the eighth ring of the inferno for eternity.