Tuesday, November 20, 2007

AMTRAK Using New Milwaukee Station In Ads

Of course, there are still people around here who just don't grasp the many values of rail transit - - but the advertising folks at AMTRAK get it.


Anonymous said...

Great story. But could you please stop spelling Amtrak in all caps, like it's an acronym for something? It's "Amtrak." Have a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere I acquired that spelling, perhaps at City Hall in correspondence with AMTR...I mean...Amtrak...since it's a combination of two words, "American" and "Track," and is something of a non-word.
But I will CHANGE. Thanks.

James Rowen said...

OK: I'm now fully informed, by this website - - http://goinside.com/99/1/amtrak.html - - which I'm gonna go with, that says amtrak is actually made from these words: America Travels By Track.
I'm done with this now.