Saturday, November 10, 2007

Midwest Governors' Climate Initiative Has Promise

Give Gov. Jim Doyle credit for convening Midwest Governors in Milwaukee to address the regional challenges and opportunities posed by climate change.

We'll see what these leaders will agree to do.

Here is the agenda for two days of meetings that begin Nov. 14 at The Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee.

Certainly there is opportunity because the region's manufacturing, agricultural, higher-ed and water resources are well-positioned for a coordinated "green" orientation.

On the downside, the region burns a great deal of emission-producing coal, and in Wisconsin, transit still takes a backseat to highway expansion.

And the Governors making up the Great Lakes contingent among Midwestern leaders have had relatively little success implementing their Great Lakes Compact - - an indication that regional cooperation in this part of the country is easily stymied.

Doyle has created a task force on climate change: its work should dovetail with the multi-state effort.

Groups and individuals should let the Governor know they want bold and effective solutions from both the state and regional effort, and will go to bat for that agenda.

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Anonymous said...

I love the Blue Book that is published by the State of Wisconsin.

Here is a link:

Look at page 645.

Wisconsin average BTU consumption from coal 107 vs 78 for the US. Wisconsin is 165% of the US average. And lest you think that we burn more because we are in a cold climate we are 105% of the US average in total consumption.

The bottom line is coal consumption is a larger problem for Wisconsin than other states and there is a need for us to lead on this issue.