Sunday, January 26, 2020

Vos lauds workload for constituents. His numbers; decide for yourself.

Having noted that GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos greatly increased his staff at taxpayer expense last year, I'm trying to figure out just what they do.

Look at the numbers Vos just touted

However, the most important part of my job is responding to my constituents. In the past year, we’ve had nearly 3,000 constituent contacts, written more than 1,200 direct emails, and awarded 46 legislative citations. I’ve personally made more than 400 phone calls to constituents and welcomed nearly 300 new businesses and more than 500 new families to the area. These are exciting times for Racine County and I couldn’t be more proud to serve as your state representative. I look forward to another productive year ahead and will continue to update you on our progress in moving Wisconsin forward.
* "Nearly 3,000 constituents contacts." That's about eight per day.

* "Written more than 1,200 direct emails." That's less than four per day. (And are there indirect emails? Huh?)

* "I've personally made more than 400 phone calls to constituents...." About one per day.

Please don't quibble with me about the math and that I'm including weekends and holidays as if they were work days. I worked for years in political offices. A lot of work was done on weekends and holidays. Not to mention evenings.

* And "the most important part of my job is responding to constituents."

C'mon, man. Don't you mean this stuff?

...the Capitol staffers Vos added to Republican payrolls after the 2018 elections are now being used at his direction to keep tabs on Evers' appointees and other public employees.
Wisconsin state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is deploying staffers to closely monitor Gov. Tony Evers’ administration, including the social media accounts of agencies and top appointees, as part of a continued push to counterbalance the Democratic executive. 
Or this January 14th commitment of time?


Maynard McKillen said...

Vos is lying. He lies. He is a liar. Liars lie.
The Fox Con fiasco is collapsing. Vos is hunting desperately for a scapegoat. He hired dirt diggers, at taxpayer expense, to find or fabricate evidence that the Ever's Administration is responsible for Vos' own ignorance. His "job-creating" scheme is failing, and spectacularly. Vos is willfully ignorant about the role of an elected official, willfully ignorant about sustainable economic growth, and exhibits all the textbook traits of a narcissist.

Maynard McKillen said...

"...and the most important part of my job is ignoring my constituents." -Robin Vos

Anonymous said...

Do he and other republicans really think that public employees like myself didn't know we were being watched on social media? That we didn't know that all of our work emails are searched for key words? It's like 1984 at the state.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And by "constituents", he means WMC lobbyists, Bradkey Foundation hacks, and Betsy DeVos front groups.

Anonymous said...

Is the clown this best his district can do? He really takes on the Trumpian liar role. When he says something as stupid as, Evers has been ignoring the farm crisis, the state media should tear him apart. The State Journal, should have Vos with his BS statement on the front page with Vos pictured as The Joker.

Think about this, thousands of small businesses have collapsed because of policies this POS has supported, yet he blames the guy who has been Governor for a year, after he (Vos) took out everything in the Gov's budget which was to help these businesses.

Farmers know who their enemies are, and in Wisconsin that is the Repubs. Small farmers hate Vos, Walker, and their fellow pukes. Corporate farmers love them. I am willing to guess that Vos has not talked face to face with a small dairy farmer in the past year. Just like Tom Tiffany bragging up his farming roots. I would like that jackass to tell us about one thing he has done to help the small dairies. My guess is he did nothing on the farm that he supposedly grew up on. He obviously does not have any idea how farm economics work.

Yet, these fools will give away farm land and homes and our tax dollars to a foreign company.

The real problem is how stupid Wis voters have become. "What a cool guy that Tom Tiffany is, he grew up working hard on a dairy farm. What a great guy. I'll vote for him because I like how he knows hard work and farming" says the lazy Wisconsonite watching TV while the actual dairy farmer is out in the barn milking.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Or the actual dairy farmers is giving up the business because of Vos and Tiffany favoring CAFOs and other Big Ag over family farms.

It's pathetic, but they'll keep doing it as long as the rubes keep voting for resentment and/or guns over things that actually affect their lives.