Thursday, April 16, 2009

Milwaukee Water Works Management Applicant Names Kept Confidential

Wally Morics, Milwaukee's elected Comptroller, has decided to withhold, for now, the identities of applicants to serve as potential contract managers of the city's water works, according to correspondence posted on the Comptroller's website.

Additional information at this posting.


Anonymous said...

Is this normal? What are the aldermen saying about this privatization idea? I can see garbage collection, but not this.

James Rowen said...

I think the names could have been made public; at this stage keeping the bid details confidential is probably fair, but releasing the names serves a public interest.

I'm sure the companies know which among them are answering the city solicitation.

The aldermen will wait and take their cues from the Comptroller; I think they are looking for the silver bullet - - a giant payout that will create a trust fund, with earnings, that will spare them the pain of tax increases or layoffs as a regular annual event.