Friday, April 24, 2009

MATC Wants To Turn "Blue Hole" Green

Cool proposal.


Milwaukee Riverkeeper said...

Good project, but not a good location in my opinion. I would much rather see solar panels on one of dozens of MATC roofs instead of taking up what COULD be a large open space/recreational area along the Milwaukee River. In the City's NE Side Comprehensive Plan, this area was envisioned as a potential recreational area that could still cap the toxins on site, but provide a nice open space along the river. My two cents.

Linda said...

I agree with the River keeper. We should keep what is possibly green- green...for grass,trees, insects, animals that provide the base of our food cycle (let's don't forget the important role of photosynthesis in cleaner air, cleaner water, and biodiversity that existed). We also can use such greens for recreational purposes and a relationship with nature. We have sq. miles of buildings that can support solar panels and solar thermal and use the renewable energy on the spot.