Monday, April 20, 2009

Bottle Rocket, Not Shooting Star: Scott Walker's Anticlimatic Campaign Announcement

Surprise, surprise...not: Scott Walker will announce his run for Wisconsin Governor.

Has there been a less stimulating, and more telegraphed political punch in Wisconsin - - ever - - and one that carries the sting of a jab thrown by "The Simpson's" Mr. Burns?

Update: Jim Klasuer , former Gov. Tommy Thompson's former Department of Administration Secretary, is signalling that the Thompson money and organization should shift to prospective candidate Mark Neumann.

Neumann is a former very-far rightwing member of Congress whose seat is now held by Paul Ryan, with a statewide loss to US Senator Russ Feingold on the Neumann resume.

Klauser was Thompson's alter ego, unofficial Deputy Governor, lead strategist and fund-raiser (his wife was the Thompson campaign treasurer), and is deeply embedded in the upper echelons of Wisconsin's private sector and the Waukesha County GOP base.

In other words: where the money is.

I'd say the GOP is heading for a primary blood letting, with Walker likely again to lose a primary struggle, as he did the last time around to what was exposed as a weak candidacy put forward by then-Green Bay Congressman Mark Green.

Poor Walker: trapped in a job he never really wanted to solve - - Milwaukee County Executive - - but with over-reaching ambition, and when all is said and done, another electoral smack down on the way.

Advantage, Doyle.


Zach W. said...

"I'd say the GOP is heading for a primary blood letting, with Walker likely again to lose a primary struggle"

I'd say you're right on the money. A Walker v. Neumann GOP primary will end the same way the Walker v. Green primary did - with Walker dropping out.

Anonymous said...

You leftie rumdums fail to realize that MILWAUKEE COUNTY elected Scott Walker. Democrats have somethiong to worry about now. The time is right for Walker this time. Just about everyone is dissatisfied with Doyle. Forget about Neumann. Walker will be elected governor and actual CUT existing leftie sacred cow programs.


James Rowen said...

To g-k:

In Wisconsin, cows are pretty sacred.

xoff said...

I'm a little tired of the GOP thinking that because Walker won in a spring nonpartisan election in Milwaukee County that he could win a November election here with REPUBLICAN next to his name.

Dream on. Never happen.