Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Forgetting That US Civil War, Glenn Beck Lauds Secession

Less than four months into the Obama presidency, and Glenn Beck endorses a move in Texas to secede.


Anonymous said...

Hello -- duhhh.. Federalism isn't succession.

Ahhh, life with liberals... life is like a box of Chocolates...

We're taking back Jefferson and Madison. You clowns can keep Stalin and the other deep thinkers.

Jim Bouman said...

It's not up to the long-dead founding fathers to resolve whether Texas might be encouraged/permitted to secede. The Constitutional Convention of 1789 set up all the standards for annexation of territories and states. So, whatever happens, it now happens by acts of the present-day Congress and the Executive under the snoopy eye of the judiciary.

There's nothing in the Constititution about secession. As James reminded us, the issue of secession was resolved--in blood--in the early 1860s.

Texas became a sovereign Republic when Davy C. and a bunch freelancers shouting "Go-to-hell-U.S.A." ripped off a chunk of Mexico in the 1830s, then continued quibbling over the Nueces Strip. By 1844 they were so deeply in hock and unable to operate as an independent sovereign Republic they begged the U.S. to annex their failed state.

Glen Beck can yap all day about how Texans can do as they please. But He'll need a majority of Texans to agree with him on a declaration of Independence (one could imagine a referendum) followed by truly bold (likely comic) acts of the Texas legislature (Cf., Molly Ivins). Then,if successful, they'd have to stand by and watch the removal of all the Federal property (all those military bases and defense contractor enterprises will skedaddle on the first day). Oh, and the space program--out-of-there.

The newly liberated Texans would immediately become responsible for the Interstate Highways, defense of the border with Mexico (Woohoo! Methinks more than a few of us jilted Americans would not be unhappy to watch as Mexico realized that the time had come to snatch back what Davy and Sam Houston and Travis and Austin and all the other heroes of the Alamo thought they'd died for).

The newly secessionist freedom lovers would likely apply for NATO membership, and beg for mutual assistance against the enemies--both north and south--of their suicide-hatin', restored and re-juvenated, freedom-lovin' Republic.

Failing that, they'll need to consider joining OPEC.

Hooboy, that Glen Beck is a deep thinker, a revolutionary thinker and world class political strategist, an orator, a leader, a savior.