Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Posting Ignores Climate Change

The issues are a lot more serious and insidious than one conservative writer's posting about "dirty" pollution - - because greenhouse chemicals and toxins are often invisible.

That's why you can have progress on cleaning up air pollution - - through government regulation, let's not forget - - but still have harmful levels of soot that harm your lungs.

And a greenhouse effect that is melting polar ice, with serious consequences for nationa' shorelines, for example.

Environmentalism is about more than trash collection, as the author of the posting must know.

The Right loves to mock Earth Day activities, and deny that climate change is taking place.

How will they react when there are dirty alerts this summer in Milwaukee. making one think twice about a job along the lakeshore, or an outing with the kids to the park?

They'll say the standards and rules are too tough - - even though without the Clean Air Act, there would have been little progress in the US towards safer air.

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