Monday, April 20, 2009

Energy Savings And Climate Protection Can Be Achieved: US Energy Secretary

One major consequence of Barack Obama's election: the Nobel Prize winning Dr. Steven Chu has been named Energy Secretary, and his recent Newsweek interview about energy savings and climate protection shows that the country now has a fully-engaged scientist in a most important job.

Consider this one small section of that interview. Said Chu:

"We now make refrigerators that are four times more energy-efficient than the refrigerators of 1975—for half the inflation-adjusted cost. The energy we save with these refrigerators is more than all of the wind and solar photovoltaic energy we produce in the United States today. Just refrigerators."

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Caitlin said...

It is the little things that count. One step at a time. One volunteer at a time. One donation at a time.

There are a lot of organizations trying to get their name out there but they lack the resources and support. People on an individual level need to start taking action and donating their time or money to help the cause. The environment will cease to exist as we know it today unless people start helping.

The Louisiana coast, one of the nation's largest and most productive expanses of coastal wetlands, is disappearing. Every 50 minutes, we lose about enough land to fill a football field. And people can get involved and help. And they should because the potential collapse of this intricate ecosystem would have enormous negative environmental consequences for wildlife habitat and marine life.

See for yourself what is happening: