Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mary Lazich, Failed Spell Check, Flunked Homework

Sitting uncorrected in the publicly-paid-and-created State Sen. Mary Lazich web commentary below is a funny typo, italicized for your pleasure, that might creep into text created by an ideologue:

Conservatively Speaking
Follow the money, indeed
By Mary Lazich
Tuesday, Apr 14 2009, 03:56 PM

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is running an ongoing series of reports called, “Following the money: How stimulus funds are being spent.”

Today’s article in the series reports that Governor Doyle and other Midwest governors want to sue $3.4 billion in stimulus funding to build three high speed rail routes: Chicago to the Twin Cities, Chicago-to-St. Louis and Chicago-to-Detroit. The Chicago to the Twin Cities route would include a Milwaukee to Madison segment.
Furthermore, her full post expressed outrage at some stimulus funding being spent in Los Angeles, CA, at the rate of $25 million per mile to repave some rough Interstate roadway.

Which is the same rate being spent by Wisconsin on the Interstate 94 reconstruction from Milwaukee to the Illinois state line ($1.7 billion on 70 miles of pavement, with another $200 million on new lanes, to boot: $1.9 billion total.)

Has Sen. Lazich condemned this $25-million-per-mile interstate highway reconstruction project, which got goosed into its 2009 beginning with first-phase stimulus funding of $97 million?

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capper said...


To be fair, it should be noted that she probably did not write that piece, as that she has already admitted that he does most of it for her. The misspellings and inconsistencies might be due to his usual state of intoxication.