Thursday, April 23, 2009

Milwaukee Riverkeeper Gets Central Park Planning Grant

$30,000 in state coastal management grant funding goes to the good folks at Milwaukee Riverkeeper, and its allies, who are working to preserve 800 acres along the Milwaukee River in what is known as Central Park as the river moves through the city's east side.

Cool project: I remember when former Ald. Mike D'Amato pushed through the zoning changes that meant Central Park would be a reality. It was a nice partnership with advocacy at the grassroots.

Whitney Gould, prior to her retirement from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, wrote a great piece about the project.

Details from the state:

Project Name: Master Plan for Recreation and Natural Resource Management in Milwaukee's Central Park

Applicant: Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Grant Amount: $30,000.00

This project will develop a master plan for recreational usage and environmental restoration of 800 acres that are adjacent to the Milwaukee River and which are currently protected by a zoning overlay district.

More information through Milwaukee Riverkeeper project coordinator Ann Brummitt.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the coastal grants program is facing a proposal to move them from the Department of Administration to the DNR. I think a vote is planned for a couple weeks away. Under this proposal the coastal staff would be cut and no new staff would be added to the DNR to administer them. In spite of these cuts there is no net fiscal gain for the state. These grants could be delayed under this proposal and future grants would have to meet federal approval-adding another layer of uncertainty. Jon Richards has released a statement in support of the Coastal Program. you may want to check it out. Ann

Dave Reid said...

I still don't think the viewshed/setback requirements being pushed by this overlay district are good for Milwaukee. In fact as they limit infill development to some extent they encourage sprawl. Preserving the actual corridor is fine but protecting the view just has little to do with actually being green.

James Rowen said...

Dave; I don't think there is any boost to sprawl in the overlay district.